A Couple Sent Their $750,000 Payment To The Wrong Person And They Spent Huge Money

Would you do the right thing if you woke up one day and found hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account or would you spend everything as fast as you could?

An Australian rapper has admitted to opting for the latter option and spending around A$750,000 on a couple’s misdirected house payment, reports The Mirror.

Abdel Ghadia, 24, pleaded guilty in a Sydney courtroom this week to two counts of trafficking in the proceeds of crime. Ghadia is an aspiring rapper and goes by the nickname “Slimmy” online.

The court heard he had been shopping when he found the huge sum of money in his bank account, after a couple accidentally wired their house payment to the wrong recipient in October 2020.

Ghadia used the golden opportunity to spend the money on goods like clothes, makeup and gold, Unilad reports.

He reportedly bought nearly $600,000 worth of gold bars at one store and then another $110,000 at another store in Brisbane, where he also bought expensive coins.

After withdrawing $13,600 from ATMs, he went on a $6,235 shopping spree and bought clothes at Uniqlo, makeup in Makkah and cash in foreign currency, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In October 2021, he was questioned by police and told them he “just woke up and saw the money”.

“The money just came into my account and I spent it,” Ghadia reportedly said. “I had no idea how it got there, and I told the bank, but I went to spend it.”

Ghadia is due back in court in December for sentencing.

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