Apple Pay Later lets you split purchases into four payments

(Pocket-lint) – Apple is bringing new features to the iPhone when it launches iOS 16 later this year, including significant new options in Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Later, for example, will allow customers to split purchases into four fee-free, interest-free payments – much like the installment payment features of PayPal and Amazon’s retail sites.

It’s not yet clear if this will only be available in the US initially, or if it will launch in other regions as well, but it certainly looks like a feature that will get a lot of use.

Additionally, Apple announced at WWDC that its Tap to Pay feature will launch in the state later this month.

This allows retail stores to accept contactless payments directly on an iPhone. They won’t need to have a separate contactless payment machine.

This will be used by large and small stores, even market traders. And it will even accept contactless payment cards.

There are plenty of other new features coming to iOS in the coming months, including a new lock screen feature and the ability to edit and recall messages.

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Written by Rik Henderson.

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