Can Nuspay’s XHYRE be the ingenious approach to digitizing payment securities assets?

Nuspay introduced XHYRE as the next generation global asset exchange platform based on blockchain technology. He is pulling his sting out to bring positive change to the real estate market by disclosing them as payment securities.

First of all, a little story. Nuspay is a DeepTech company that began its journey in the United States, in the State of Delaware under the name FinTech. It is a global Deep Tech company established with the goal of providing a unique and secure new digital payment service using Big Data and Deep Machine Learning on Blockchain and other decentralized platforms. After the first years in USA, looking at the promising global market scenario, Nuspay moved its main global operating base to New York, USA to take advantage of better market opportunities.

Nuspay has now been popularized as a DeepTech company and XHYRE is known to be the prodigy of Nuspay PropTech. It has been claimed that blockchain has the potential to help accelerate the adoption of the sharing economy which has already started to disrupt the industry by opening up significant amounts of previously untapped private capacity and liquidating assets, by especially the real estate market can discern significant changes in real estate transactions and instantaneous transfer of ownership.

In short, Nuspay is a blockchain-powered startup poised to become the go-to real estate asset market for creating, managing and trading fractional ownership shares. Its regulatory-compliant ecosystem incorporates, with government consent, land registry issues such as Cautionary Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs), IDTs (Title Issuance Documents) , deeds of assignment. Properties are officially and legally represented as security tokens on the blockchain. XHYRE is focused on facilitating an accessible and streamlined real estate asset trading platform, ultimately resulting in a global real estate market that is much more efficient than today’s stock market.

XHYRE is apparently established on four main cores, which include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Business Intelligence. The blockchain is primarily used for secure real-time payment settlements, in this case they adopted Hyperledger Fabric for proptech. Hyperledger Fabric aims to encourage the use of blockchain technology to improve the performance and reliability of current systems to support global business transactions, which is considered a unique consensus approach that enables performance at scale while while preserving confidentiality. Artificial intelligence is there to make efficient decisions based on cognitive algorithms. Big data helps identify consumer demographics to increase sales and ultimately automated business intelligence to identify effective pathways to future growth.

The aforementioned cores allegedly help XHYRE gain a monumental advantage over the current scenario. The current real estate space is facing many problems such as lack of liquidity. The liquidation of an asset is usually a difficult process. There are also many attributes hidden under specific conditions that create unnecessary seizures when recording. The regulations are complex and investors struggle with the due diligence process. Finally, there is also the limitation of transparency. The valuation of assets is not transparent and this creates a rag. XHYRE claims to solve all of these problems by providing a framework for easier real estate transfers as payment deeds. Appropriate due diligence must be provided in the framework. Investors can also claim fractional ownership through XHYRE. Thanks to its blockchain structure, records are immutable and regulations are transparent but secure through pseudonymous activities.

Assets must be digitized via XHYRE. Asset owners can enroll as part of the enrollment of their properties and after proper verification through the system, they will ultimately be enrolled. Listing the asset on the platform obviously turns it into a digitized asset and buyers can invest in the pieces of the real assets and engage in transactions as payment securities when the market value increases. Transactions are intended to be secure because they will all be stored in the platform’s public ledger. XHYRE’s foundation is very strong, as proven by Nuspay’s track record. The outlook is optimistic and the obstacles to starting from scratch appear to be non-existent.

Nuspay’s XHYRE tries to make it easy for owners and asset owners to digitize their assets, which can then be easily liquefied. Many people who have been unable to acquire a property due to insufficient funds can finally own assets at the fraction of the cost due to the stock splitting of specific assets. This will create an opportunity for many more investors, thus creating an opportunity for an alternative capital market. Mr. Abul Mansur, Managing Director of Nuspay International Incorporated stated that, “Relative trust and transparency will improve in the long run, as only verified assets will be enlisted and allowed to be sold broad spectrum. XHYRE’s blockchain protocols will ensure the authenticity of the enlisted objects, thus creating an opportunity for flawless commerce.

XHYRE is trying to gain market share in major real estate markets and gain a major advantage over backdated procedures in current real estate exchange protocols. It looks like XHYRE could get a major lead as the situation is dire at the moment. The ability to digitize assets and use them as payment vouchers is revolutionary and there is no doubt that it is here to stay. Strong indications like this show that the transaction through the XHYRE ecosystem will eradicate the middleman and provide an equal chance for all parties involved to have a financially rewarding outcome.

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