Canada’s national bill and tax payment infrastructure operated by Dye & Durham unaffected by today’s network outages

  • Canadians can continue to pay their pre-authorized bills and tax payments online
  • More than one million Canadians use Dye & Durham’s national payment infrastructure daily

TORONTO, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Dye & Durham Limited (TSX: DND) (“Dye & Durham” or the “Company”), a leading provider of efficient, cloud-based workflow software for legal and business professionals, today announced that its payment platform online remains fully operational and unaffected by reported wireless and internet service outages across the country.

Dye & Durham’s National Payments Infrastructure Platform plays a critical role in from Canada financial system, supporting more than one million Canadians every day and processing more than $1.3 trillion in transactions each year. Canadians can confidently continue to make transactions such as pre-authorized bill and tax payments at all levels of government, plus a range of money transfer services through their financial institutions .

“Our trusted national payments infrastructure remains fully operational, enabling consumers and businesses across the country to make large, timely transfers,” said Dye & Durham’s chief operating officer. Marthe Vallance. “Dye & Durham’s technology plays a vital role in facilitating millions of daily transactions that drive from Canada economy.”

About Dye & Durham
Dye & Durham Limited is a leading provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity for legal and business professionals. Dye & Durham provides critical information services and workflows that clients use to manage their processes, information and regulatory requirements. The Company operates in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, and has a strong blue-chip customer base that includes law firms, financial services institutions and government organizations.

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