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Nextivity Mobile Signal Boosters Provide Cellular Coverage for PSD2 Payment Processes | VanillaMore

Cel-Fi through Nextivity Next-generation mobile signal boosters are quickly becoming the go-to solution for mitigating mobile dead zones in department stores where reliable cellular coverage is an integral part of the credit application and payment processes for high value items as PSD2 payment regulations are tightened. The retail industry is …

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Vets and Pet Owners Struggle With Payment Plans New

STILLWATER – While veterinary technology continues to improve and enter mainstream – with oncology treatments and MRIs, for example – the availability of customer payment systems to help provide these services is still in demand. lagging behind, according to recent research from Oklahoma State University. Customers want more options, said …

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How Transparent Payment Services Can Help Telecom Operators Reduce Customer Churn

Customer attrition is a major challenge for telecommunications operators around the world. Nicolas engel, Director, Global Services at Cybersource, explains how a seamless payment experience and effective fraud protection can help telecom operators seize the opportunity to gain and retain more customers. Since today’s telecommunications market is highly competitive and …

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