ChargeSentry adds support for additional payment processors

Legacy chargeback response services have neglected the small and medium merchant market for years – often requiring long contracts, charging high monthly fees, requiring extensive integration, and relying heavily on merchant data to respond to chargebacks .

ChargeSentry solves these challenges for merchants by offering budget-conscious monthly pricing, eliminating integration with instant payment processor connections, enriching chargeback details with factual information to increase win rates, and automating completely all chargeback responses – requiring no additional effort from the merchant.

“Our goal is to take the stress and anxiety out of responding to chargebacks for small and medium e-commerce merchants. Our new payment processor support will help even more merchants respond and earn their chargebacks automatically” , said Jack ShenonCEO and Founder of ChargeSentry.

About ChargeSentry

ChargeSentry eliminates friction for small and medium-sized merchants to stop losing and get more revenue from their chargebacks, automatically. ChargeSentry eliminates the challenge many merchants have responding to chargebacks with instant onboarding, transparent monthly pricing without long contracts, and automatically responds to chargebacks so the merchant can focus on their business.


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