Clipchamp simplifies your pricing into one payment plan

Clipchamp for those who don’t know it, is an online video editor whose company was acquired by Microsoft in 2021. This tool allows us to do all kinds of video editing without the need to install any software, in addition to Multiple options to edit video easily. collaborative.

But one of the complaints that arose especially after its pre-installation in Windows 11, was its Payment Plans. Until relatively recently, the free version could only export up to 480p. And after some readjustments, Microsoft has come up with a final new adjustment to Clipchamp subscriptions to avoid confusion.

Microsoft unifies Clipchamp payment options into one paid subscription

Microsoft has announced a major change to Clipchamp subscriptions. Previously we had three payment methods, but this will no longer be the case. These three plans are unified into a single plan that offers the features of the more expensive plan.

The introduction of the new plan also reduces your the price. The most expensive plan, Business Platinum, costs around €40. Now, with the new plan, the price is greatly reduced at 12€/monththis being a more affordable price for users who wish to try Clipchamp’s payment options.

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