Companies can launch offers linked to branded payment cards

St. Helier, N.J., Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enigmatic Smile gives businesses the ability to launch their own branded payment card related offers app in just 4 weeks, works with all brands payment cards. All customers benefit from Level 1 PCI security and GDPR compliance as standard. 3 times more earning and trading opportunities than any other solution.

An Enigmatic Smile gives businesses the ability to launch their own branded card-linked customer loyalty app in less than a month! Whether you’re a subscription-based organization, like a gym group or a movie theater chain; or if you are a card issuer, retailer, insurance company or newspaper, Enigmatic smile has you covered.

Enigmatic smile provides branded native iOS and Android apps, already loaded with thousands of card-linked offers for your customers and employees. They’ll collect rewards from locations around the world without doing anything more than securely add their payment card and spend as they normally do.

There are no clunky coupons or complicated websites required, and there is no need to change pre-existing behaviors. Your customers and employees simply collect v$, v€ or v£ (depending on where you are based), then exchange each v$, v€ or v£ for $1, €1 or £1 for all the gifts from major retailers. cards. They can also claim up to 100% off millions of hotels and almost any flight worldwide, and trade for cryptocurrency if they prefer.

To get started, Enigmatic Smile representatives will meet with your team on Zoom and conduct an initial no-obligation consultation. Their designers provide mockups of what your app might look like within 3 business days.

Your customers and employees will be charged $1, €1 or £1 when registering their card (depending on where you operate). This little extra helps Enigmatic Smile eliminate card fraud and keep your customers safe, ensuring that the card on file really belongs to them. However, your customers instantly receive v$1, v€1 or v£1 back, meaning it doesn’t cost them a penny to start saving. Because your employees and customers can collect cash back on everything from supermarkets and cafes to online marketplaces and taxi services, saving $100 a month isn’t at all difficult. Experienced users can save over $3,000 per year.

Sales manager Stephen Walsh reportedly said:

“There are, of course, many solutions for engaging customers and employees. However, after extensive research, our teams have concluded that Enigmatic Smile branded apps are by far the easiest and smartest solution available. Plus, they’re free for organizations that can onboard 50,000 end users/customers. »

Once you have agreed on your app design, your account manager will allocate technical resources and Enigmatic Smile sets to work, creating your organization’s bespoke apps, in addition to their state-of-the-art technology.

All apps are deployed to your own iOS and Android app store accounts so you have full control, and bespoke content can be added if you need it. Large organizations can also add all map-linking technology and content directly into their existing applications and websites.

Offering your staff and clients this incredible savings product is especially poignant when global inflation is taking its toll around the world. Never before have consumers needed a way to save money, not just on basic necessities, but also on those little extras that make life worth living. Enigmatic Smile offers organizations a way for customers and staff to keep those little luxuries without breaking the bank!

If you would like to develop your own branded app, please visit to learn more.


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