Convenient NFT payment solution goes live

Miami, July 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Miami, Florida —

NFTpay, based in Miami, Florida, is pleased to announce the newest and easiest way to buy and sell NFT: the NFTpay payment solution. The crucial function of this payment solution is to enable NFT buyers and sellers to transact using their credit cards. It’s designed to make it easy for all types of NFT creators, whether it’s marketplaces, collections of 10k NFTs, or websites that sell NFTs. Everything needed to use NFTpay to enter basic project information and then copy and paste a line of code. 99% of potential NFT buyers don’t have a cryptocurrency or crypto wallet, which is why making it simple and easy to buy and sell NFT has the effect of dramatically increasing sales. Visit their site at

“We allow you to start your own NFT project and make it easy for users to quickly purchase your NFTs with their credit card, says Mike Krilivsky, CEO of NFTpay. “No need for a wallet. Only a small number of people have crypto wallets, but almost everyone has a card/fiat. This expands your market to support sales to a much larger audience. Also, when we have had successful launches in the past, we have found that some buyers are unable to purchase NFT as fiat gateways such as Moonpay and Coinbase may prevent buyers from withdrawing their ETH in time to make a purchase with Metamask – l credit card purchase is immediate. and reduces this hassle for your customers. You will also reduce the need to educate your buyers about Metamask and the n+ steps required to transfer money from fiat to a Metamask wallet. Buyers will be able to just take their credit card and buy!

NFTpay is a great choice for newcomers to the crypto world and seasoned crypto veterans who know all the ins and outs of the industry. NFTpay makes buying and selling a lot easier due to the fact that it almost imitates the traditional methods of buying online using a credit card. Buyers who don’t have a wallet and have never bought or sold crypto before can simply let NFTpay securely store their NFTs while handling all necessary crypto transactions so their customers don’t have to. .

A number of live NFT drops are listed on NFTpay, and many of them use the platform for all their NFT-related transactions. Visit their website and take a look at some of the live drops at

NFTpay is currently completely free for projects. They take a small commission from the NFT buyer to cover the cost of trading, but NFT projects still receive the full NFT sale price. Making every transaction quick and easy is what makes NFTpay so unique, and why the platform is quickly becoming a popular tool for NFT trading.

“Working with NFTpay has generated a lot of value for Crypto Gala,” says Crypto Gala’s Jenny. “Working together we innovated and created NFT tickets which for the first time allowed the consumer to pay with a credit card which was amazing and very well received. The team are also very caring and helpful and had no problem responding to our messages over the weekend and at night.I want to continue working with NFTpay and I love their entire team.

FKN Rich Shark Club on NFTpay, “Working with NFTpay has been (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since re-launching our website with their NFTpay integration and recommendations, we have seen a 35% increase in sales %.”

Here are some of the reviews that the NFT trading platform has received from some of its clients. As NFTpay expands and attracts more and more users, the number of satisfied buyers and sellers is also expected to increase rapidly.

NFTpay is a great way to buy and sell NFTs. Those interested can visit their Instagram page for more information on what the NFT trading platform has to offer. Their Instagram page can be found at


For more information about NFTpay, contact the company here:

NFT pay
Nikki N.
[email protected]
1000 Brickell Plaza #4806
Miami, FL 33131


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