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I cut my phone bill by £300 because I’m on Universal Credit with just one call – how you can too

YOU could cut your broadband bill in half if you’re on Universal Credit – and all you have to do is call.

Broadband deals are available for those on benefits and struggling with the cost of living.

It is estimated that around four million households do not take advantage of these cheaper rates offered by some broadband companies, and savings of hundreds of pounds a year.

A savvy customer has managed to cut her BT broadband and landline bill by £25 a month because she’s on Universal Credit, saving her £300 over a year.

Single mother Gina Hackett, 43, heard from a friend that she could get money off her bill if she called BT.

She originally paid £40 a month for her internet and landline, and now she only pays £15.

Gina told The Sun: “I just called them. I don’t have a TV with them – I have a BT box but I use it for Freeview – so I’m not paying for extra channels because I don’t can’t afford that.

“They said they had two options – one for £15 where you get 750 minutes of free calls to your landline and mobile which I thought was absolutely fantastic as I never had credit on my telephone.”

Gina was also offered a bundle worth £20 which had more free minutes, but decided the cheaper option was right for her.

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