CSGO Case Keys raises price after disabling payment methods on Steam in Russia

CSGO case keys have suffered a massive price increase in the Steam market. This is the result of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many European countries, game developers, tournament organizers and even sports authorities have imposed sanctions on Russia, limiting their access to many things. Even the Russian ruble took a hit, currently 1 ruble is worth 0.0094 USD.

CSGO box keys, which are worth $2.25 or INR 185 under normal circumstances, cost ₽180 (Russian Ruble) before Russia invaded Ukraine. After the invasion, Russia’s economy collapsed, as evidenced by the value of the ruble against the US dollar. To keep up with this massive drop, the price of CSGO Case Keys dropped from ₽180 to ₽272.

According to reports from Talkesport, a series of failed transactions have been reported by Steam Status on their Twitter handle, as credit cards across Russian territory appear to have either been decommissioned by their parent companies or just another service failure against Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. .

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The only payment methods that currently work in the Steam Marketplace are Steam Wallet and PayPal. No word from Valve has surfaced on this issue although users are waiting for a response, especially those whose payments are stuck.

Digital Storefront, GOG.com has also restricted Russian ruble payments amid the ongoing dispute and Valve has apparently followed suit, but with no official word yet, we can only theorize what’s going on.

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