Faridabad man arrested for buying phones showing fake payment screenshots

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly deceiving traders into buying cellphones showing fake payment screenshots, police said on Saturday. The accused was identified as Hemant Vashisht, a resident of Faridabad in Haryana, they said. According to the police, a case was registered Thursday at the cyber police station in the central district. The case came to light when a Rajinder Nagar trader named Mohsin Khan filed a complaint for alleged fraud. In his complaint, he wrote that in August a customer came to his store to purchase a Samsung S-21 mobile phone. The customer wanted to make the payment through the online mode, he said, and when he agreed, the customer showed him a screenshot of the payment. The shopkeeper later found out that no payment had been made by the buyer and that the screenshot shown to him was fake, a senior police officer said. During the investigation, police discovered that the purchased phone was being used by a man named Aslam, living in Ramesh Nagar, police said.

Asked about it, Aslam said he bought the phone from a store in Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh. Police later questioned Sunil Kumar, the shopkeeper from whom Aslam had bought the mobile.

Kumar said the phone was sold by an unknown person, the officer said. Later, the police were informed that Vashisht was coming to sell another phone to the same trader and arrested him when he arrived, said Deputy Police Commissioner (Center) Shweta Singh Chauhan. Vashisht graduated in commerce from Allahabad University and is currently working as a real estate agent in Faridabad, she said.

He used to trick people into showing fake payment screenshots for expensive cellphones and then sold those cellphones to others, the DCP said.

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