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Medicare intends to limit coverage for the controversial Alzheimer’s disease drug, aducanumab (Aduhelm, Biogen) through a special program to help assess the effectiveness of the exorbitantly expensive drug, federal officials said on Tuesday.

On December 20, Biogen announced a plan to reduce the drug’s annual cost in the United States by 50% – from $ 56,000 to $ 28,200 – as officials at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) decided to Medicare’s drug coverage policy.

In making its proposed coverage decision, CMS announced that it will pay for aducanumab, a monoclonal antibody, as part of its Evidence-Based Coverage (EDC) mechanism. In making its decision, CMS approached aducanumab as the first in a potential new class of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in this class would only be covered for people on Medicare if they are enrolled in eligible clinical trials, CMS said. The agency will accept public comments on the decision for 30 days.

In a statement, CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said the agency is “committed to providing the American public with a clear, reliable and evidence-based decision that is only made after an analysis Thorough public commentary on the benefits and risks of Medicare coverage for Patients. “

As reported by Medscape Medical News, the FDA approved aducanumab on June 7 through an expedited approval process. The approval, which sparked a storm of controversy that included the resignation of three members of the FDA’s central and peripheral nervous system drug advisory committee, was granted on the basis of the drug’s ability to reduce plaque. beta-amyloid.

As part of the fast-track approval mechanism, Biogen has yet to provide strong scientific evidence that aducanumab has clinically significant disease modifying effects. However, definitive evidence won’t be available anytime soon. In its approval letter, the FDA set a deadline of 2030 for a final report on this research.

“Unusual but appropriate” step

The Medicare decision marks a shift in the agency’s approach to paying for drugs. On a call with reporters, Tamara Syrek Jensen, JD, director of CMS’s coverage and analysis group, admitted the agency had taken an “unusual but appropriate” step in trying to establish a national policy concerning the payment of a drug.

On the same call, Lee Fleisher, MD, Chief Medical Officer of CMS, addressed the challenges presented by aducanumab, given the urgent need for treatment for AD.

“As a practicing physician, I cannot stress enough the need to understand the risks and benefits of a given treatment in order to better educate patients and their families,” said Fleisher. “We know, based on some evidence, that there may be potential promise with this treatment. That is why it is essential for us to seek further scientific evidence.”

The evidence-based coverage program will allow Medicare to facilitate data collection while protecting patients, Fleisher noted.

“CMS uses its authority provided by Congress to determine whether the drug is considered reasonable and necessary, which means that the benefits of improving cognition outweigh the harms of the Medicare population,” Fleisher said .

Biogen disappointed

Biogen, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has urged CMS to reconsider its approach to paying for aducanumab. In a statement, the company said Medicare should cover “the class of therapies directed against amyloid with populations studied in respective clinical trials and guided by expert recommendations for appropriate use.”

“We believe that Alzheimer’s patients should have compatible access to other therapies with the FDA’s expedited approval,” Biogen said in the release.

In the company’s view, the CED approach “will significantly limit patient access to FDA-approved treatment, especially for underserved patients, as evidenced by other CED decisions.”

“DACs can take months or even years to start, and hundreds of patients with Alzheimer’s disease – the majority of whom are Medicare beneficiaries – progress from mild to moderate stages every day, where treatment may no longer be an option, ”said Biogen.

Drugmakers feared CMS would opt for CED even before the draft decision was released.

BIO, the trade group of biotechnology companies, has urged CMS to provide access to aducanumab without undue restrictions.

Drugmakers are already concerned about CMS efforts “to impose new barriers to coverage – and, in particular, coverage with the development of evidence (EDC),” Crystal Kuntz, vice president of policy and development. research at BIO, and Andy Cosgrove, the organization’s director. director of policy and research, noted in a July 2021 commentary on the aducanumab review.

Rather, Medicare should continue to provide access to drugs for FDA-approved indications, with additional flexibility for off-label anti-cancer drug indications, they noted.

“We believe this should continue to be the case, to ensure that vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries have necessary access to life-changing, life-saving drugs,” BIO officials wrote.

However, CMS has also received numerous calls from doctors asking the agency to limit the use of aducanumab to at least until it is proven to produce a significant clinical benefit.

In a press release, Howard Fillit, MD, co-founder and scientific director of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, applauded the decision, describing it as “the right decision.”

“This decision supports the conduct of additional clinical trials, which are needed to gain further information on the clinical efficacy and safety profile of this drug in real-world populations. This decision has implications for other drugs in this class at an advanced stage of development. If these trials show clearer and more robust clinical efficacy, then it is possible that the FDA will grant full approval to these amyloid monoclonal antibodies, and Medicare would likely provide full payment, ”he added.

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Triumph in adversity: the desirability of Apple’s payment system https://lescouleursdeluce.com/triumph-in-adversity-the-desirability-of-apples-payment-system/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 16:48:00 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/triumph-in-adversity-the-desirability-of-apples-payment-system/

Every business owner accepts that they sometimes have to swallow disappointment and prepare for inevitable change, which seems to be what Apple is preparing for in terms of App Store payments. And that can trigger a new opportunity as it is.

Open App Store Payments

Apple is under such pressure when it comes to App Store payments. It has made many arguments to justify why its own payment systems should be mandatory on App Store sales, but courts in South Korea and the United States disagree. The company continues to face regulatory investigations in several countries.

To keep developers happy, Apple continues to tweak how its systems work, including cutting commissions from 30% to 15% for most developers and promising to let developers come up with other ways to pay. But the demand for support for external payment systems remains.

Primarily, competitors, developers and reviewers want the company to allow customers to purchase digital products using payment systems other than its own.

Test case: South Korea

In South Korea, a law now requires all App Store platforms to support multiple payment systems. In a recent statement, Apple said it would comply with the law, issuing a statement in which it said:

“Apple has great respect for Korean laws and a solid history of working with the country’s talented app developers. We look forward to working with the KCC and our developer community on a solution that benefits our Korean users.

“Our work will always be guided by making the App Store a safe and trusted place for our users to download the apps they love.”

Apple hasn’t explained how or when it will support alternative payment systems, but apparently has filed a plan with South Korean regulators.

Online reports suggest that under these proposals, the company will still charge a commission on these sales. This commission is justified by the indisputable fact that if Apple did not build and develop its platforms, there would be no business opportunity available in the first place.

Even shopping malls charge brands for storage space based on the same logic. The only big question remains as it always has been: what level of fees is acceptable. The next question will be to ensure that the same fees are levied on all platforms.

What will Apple do next to protect App Store activity?

Apple will want to make sure that, given the choice, consumers will always prefer its own payment systems to alternatives. In this context, the most obvious strategy is to offer a payment system that is simply better than all the alternatives.

The secondary challenge is that in doing so, the company cannot be seen as exploiting its control of the software and the platform in such a way as to give its payment system a substantial advantage, as this would be anti-competitive.

However, competition law goes both ways, which also means third-party systems have to work hard to become as transparent as anything Apple provides.

After all, simply providing better service based on the same available opportunity is precisely the free market advantage that competitors say they want. Apple’s payment system simply revolves into Apple’s payment product.

Would Epic be able to justify refusing to allow optional Apple Payments in its own stores? It’s such an obvious potential consequence that it’s logical to think Apple’s management considered it more than not.

The long game? It’s all about the money

Apple announced yesterday that its developers had taken $ 260 billion from App Store sales since the store launched in 2008. This large number followed a very large year of sales on the App Store. is up $ 60 billion in the past 12 months.

(This even takes into account changes made to the Developer Commission by Apple during that time.)

So, right now, developers are making around $ 5 billion per month, which surely suggests that they will have little interest in changes that might damage this profitable environment.

While there is a certain irony in Apple being forced to compete with others on its own platform, that irony cuts twice as much if it then chooses to compete elsewhere. After all, given that some payment systems are considered less secure than others, Apple could turn the emancipation of payment systems from the App Store into a great opportunity to tap into an even larger market by transferring its own payment systems on competing platforms.

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Fact checker: Hinson omits details on payment to migrants https://lescouleursdeluce.com/fact-checker-hinson-omits-details-on-payment-to-migrants/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 12:02:42 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/fact-checker-hinson-omits-details-on-payment-to-migrants/

First District U.S. Representative Ashley Hinson speaks on September 8, 2021 at a town hall at Kirkwood Community College in southwest Cedar Rapids. (Jim Slosiarek / The Gazette)

The end of the year saw several Iowa politicians bragging about their accomplishments in 2021. United States Representative Ashley Hinson tweeted on Dec. 28: “This year, I helped bring the charge against the administration’s proposal to pay some illegal immigrants $ 450,000 after they break our laws.

The tweet of the Republican representative of the 1st district linked to a Opinion piece from November 3 she wrote in the Washington Times. In it, Hinson said she was “disturbed, but frankly not surprised” to learn that the Biden administration “has a plan underway to pay people who attempted to enter our country illegally $ 450,000 – each “. The payments could cost nearly $ 1 billion, Hinson said.

Hinson does not mention in his opinion piece what the payments would be used for, and the article’s only hyperlinks online are to the Times’ collection of other articles on the Biden administration.

To analyse

Hinson’s staff told the fact checker she was referring to ongoing discussions at the end of October, and reported on October 28 by the Wall Street Journal, for the US Department of Justice to propose settlements of up to $ 450,000 for people who sued children separated from their families at the US border with Mexico during President Donald Trump’s administration.

More than 2,700 children were taken from their families at the border in 2018, CNN reported, some of whom were children as young as 8 months kept in shelters for days or weeks without knowing why they were not allowed to see their parents or having any idea when they would be reunited. The “zero tolerance policy” was implemented because children could not be incarcerated with their parents, so they were sent to detention centers in the southern United States.

A Report of the Inspector General of Health and Social Services 2019 Detention center staff said some children were crying inconsolably.

“According to program directors and mental health clinicians, separated children exhibited more fear, feelings of abandonment and post-traumatic stress than children who were not separated,” the report says. In another report, HHS found the Trump administration lacked the technology to keep track of separated families.

The Trump administration reversed policy in June 2018 after a backlash from legislators and citizens.

The ACLU filed a federal complaint in 2019 on behalf of the separated families. It was this class action lawsuit and other lawsuits by migrant families that the Justice Department was trying to settle with the payments, which have reportedly varied in size, with many people getting far less than the maximum, CNN reported.

When the Wall Street Journal article broke, White House officials said the reported $ 450,000 number was “more than the colony could land,” the the Washington Post reported.

Hinson joined more than 180 other House Republicans who co-sponsored legislation which would prohibit settlement payments to immigrants.

Payments talks were scuttled in December after criticism from lawmakers and citizens. On December 16, a federal judge lifted a stay order that was in place while settlement talks were underway, signaling that negotiations are now over, court records show.

“The administrator backed down, but I will continue to hold them accountable for policies that put Americans and Iowans last,” Hinson tweeted.


Hinson wasn’t the only congressman to speak out against the proposed regulations. Republican Representative Bryan Steil of Wisconsin tweeted that “Our border is wide open and now (President Joe) Biden is in talks to pay illegal immigrants $ 450,000. It’s incredible.”

Political fact gave this statement a “half-true” October 28.

The Fact Checker leans in this direction. While Hinson is right, the administration was considering important settlements for separated families, his opinion piece and the tweet did not explain why the payments were being considered.

The payments were intended to settle lawsuits brought about the trauma suffered by migrant children when they were separated from their parents. The Justice Department cannot ignore prosecutions, and as with any legal process, the government may be forced to pay more if cases go to trial.

She obtains a C.


The Fact Checker team checks statements made by an Iowa political candidate or national candidate about Iowa, or in advertisements that appear in our marketplace.

Complaints must be independently verifiable. We assign marks from A to F based on accuracy and context.

If you spot a complaint that you think needs to be verified, email us at factchecker@thegazette.com.

The members of the Fact Checker team are Erin Jordan, Michaela Ramm and Marissa Payne. This fact checker was researched and written by Erin Jordan.

Support for the Fact Checker podcast is provided by New Pioneer Food Co-op. Celebrate 50 years as East Iowa’s source for local and responsible groceries with stores in Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids; and online via the cooperative basket at https://www.newpi.coop/.

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Mobile Payment SD Cards Market by Covid-19 Impact Outlook to 2028 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/mobile-payment-sd-cards-market-by-covid-19-impact-outlook-to-2028/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 08:00:32 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/mobile-payment-sd-cards-market-by-covid-19-impact-outlook-to-2028/

Global Market Vision always provides credible reports. Global Mobile Payment SD Cards Market growth 2021-2028 is our latest addition which brings useful insights into the Mobile Payment SD Cards Market. The report presents the recent and upcoming growth trends of this business. Growing opportunities in the industry and related influencing factors that are valuable to businesses are highlighted in the report. The report involves collecting information on customer data, marketing strategy, competitors. The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more dynamic and innovative, with more and more private actors joining the industry.

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The segmentation chapters allow the readers to understand aspects of the market such as its products, available technology, and applications. These chapters are written to describe their development over the years and the course they are likely to take in the years to come. The research report also provides detailed information on new trends that could define the development of these segments in the coming years.

Top players with full requirements cover in this report:

NBS Technologies, Datacard, NXP Semiconductours, Infineon Technologies, Atmel Corporation, UniGroup Guoxin, Fudan Microelectronics Group, CEC, Goldpac, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient ..

Market segmentation :

Based on type, the market is segmented into

Independence, Inlay

Based on the application, the market is separated into

Financial Space, Telecom Space

Global Mobile Payment SD Cards Market: Regional Segments

The various sections on regional segmentation present regional aspects of the Global Mobile Payment SD Cards Market. This chapter describes the regulatory structure likely to have an impact on the entire market. It highlights the political landscape of the market and predicts its influence on the global mobile payment SD card market.

  • North America (United States, Canada)
  • Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico)
  • Middle East and Africa

The report provides in-depth analysis of production cost, market segmentation, end-use applications, and industry chain analysis. The report provides the CAGR, value, volume, revenue, and other key factors related to the global Mobile Payment SD Card market. Development policies and plans are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report further shows the import / export consumption, supply and demand figures, costs, prices, revenues and gross margins. All findings and data have been gathered through extensive primary and secondary research and are validated by industry experts and research analysts. The study also contains data regarding the producers and distributors, downstream buyers, and manufacturing cost structure of the global SD Card Mobile Payment market.

Answers to key questions:

  • What is the size and CAGR of the Mobile Payment SD Card market?
  • What are the main drivers of the most profitable regional market?
  • What are the leading segments of the global market?
  • How will the mobile payment SD card market grow in the years to come?
  • What are the main strategies adopted in the global market?
  • What is the nature of the competition in the SD Card Mobile Payment market?
  • What growth boost or acceleration is the market carrying over the forecast period?
  • Which region could achieve the highest market share in the coming era?
  • What trends, challenges, and obstacles will impact the development and size of the Mobile Payment SD Card market?

The following aspects are presented along with a comprehensive analysis of the Mobile Payment SD Cards market research reports:

Production analysis – The start of this mobile payment SD card is reviewed according to the most important countries, types and applications. The price analysis of various major players in the Mobile Payment SD Cards market will be fully covered in this study.

Profit and sales analysis – The revenue and sales of key components of the international SD Card Mobile Payment Market are validated. Another important factor, price, which has a significant impact on sales growth, can be assessed in this section for many regions.

Segments and Benefits – Continuing the theme of profits, this article examines the design and ingestion of its SD Card mobile payment market. The differences between usage and procurement, export and import data are also highlighted in this research.

Many global mobile payment SD card industries – the main players have been assessed in this area based on their company profile, product portfolio, capabilities, prices, costs and revenues.

Other analysis – In addition to the above data, demand and supply analysis for the mobile payment SD card economy, contact details of major producers, suppliers and consumers can be assigned.

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With our reports, you can make important tactical business decisions with the confidence that they are based on accurate and well-founded information. Our experts can allay any concerns or doubts about our accuracy and help you tell the difference between reliable and less reliable reports, reducing the risk of making decisions. We can make your decision-making process more precise and increase the likelihood of your goals succeeding.

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The LEO international payment system offers favorable conditions for transfers as well as a new range of services for companies https://lescouleursdeluce.com/the-leo-international-payment-system-offers-favorable-conditions-for-transfers-as-well-as-a-new-range-of-services-for-companies/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 16:20:21 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/the-leo-international-payment-system-offers-favorable-conditions-for-transfers-as-well-as-a-new-range-of-services-for-companies/

One of the largest payment systems in Ukraine, the international payment system LEO, has decided to offer even more favorable conditions for money transfers due to an increase in the number of participants and new technical solutions .

A new multi-card money transfer from LEO is a P2P transfer service with a set of advanced features. Using all the benefits of the loyalty program and a wide range of transfer discounts, customers can not only send money from one bank account to different cards, but also benefit from more favorable transfer terms. Transfers can be made between cardholders issued by the VISA and MasterCard payment systems, as well as the Ukrainian national payment system PROSTIR. The new service allows the public to send and receive transfers, as well as pay for the transfer using an activation code for another customer.

It should also be noted that in November 2021, the international payment system LEO also launched a new service that allows payments to be made by groups and channels in Telegram Messenger. This new functionality allows the public to accept credit card payments using payment systems. System participants can use any messaging platform for payments, including Telegram Desktop.

In addition, the international payment system LEO has already launched a special section on its website with detailed information on how businesses can activate payments through Telegram.

Currently, Telegram Messenger supports payments in over 200 countries around the world, while only working with 15 payment service providers. The international payment system LEO has managed to become one of them by offering its telegram payment solution called LeoPayment. It should also be noted that 30% of all companies that we are able to successfully complete technical integration with the messenger and are available for user payments are Ukrainian companies.

According to the CEO of the international payment system LEO, Alona Shevtsova, LEO occupies the position of one of the most active developing payment systems in Ukraine created by non-bank financial institutions. She underlines the fact that this has been achieved through active work with the participants of the payment system and the support of their most dynamic projects. In 2022, LEO International Payment System will continue to develop and offer new services in the areas of transfers and payments to customers.

Earlier, the international payment system LEO reported 146% total revenue growth within the payment system for the 9 months of 2021 (compared to the same period in 2020). The increase in the number of transactions reached the level of + 147% for the three quarters of 2021 (27.8 million in 2021 against 18.9 million transactions in 2020).

In March 2021, the international payment system LEO was added to the list of important payment systems in Ukraine by the National Bank of Ukraine. In 2021, LEO International Payment System became a member of the MasterCard and Visa payment systems.

Already in June, the third Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko became the head of the supervisory board of the international payment system LEO. Currently, the LEO international payment system has 22 participants.

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Discounted Payment Link – 2021 Oncology Based Preclinical CROs Market Outlook Analysis by Key Players https://lescouleursdeluce.com/discounted-payment-link-2021-oncology-based-preclinical-cros-market-outlook-analysis-by-key-players/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 23:20:40 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/discounted-payment-link-2021-oncology-based-preclinical-cros-market-outlook-analysis-by-key-players/

New Jersey, United States, – The Global Discounted Payment Link – Oncology Based Preclinic CRO Market Report is one of the most comprehensive and significant additions to the market research archive of Market Research Intellect. Provides detailed research and analysis of the key aspects of the global Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical Oncology-Based CRO market. The market analysts who produced the report have provided in-depth information on key growth drivers, restraints, challenges, trends, and opportunities to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Global Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical CRO Based Market. on oncology. Market players can use the analysis of market dynamics to plan effective growth strategies and prepare for future challenges in advance.

Each trend in the global Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical Oncology Based CRO market is carefully analyzed and researched by market analysts. Market analysts and researchers have performed an in-depth analysis of the Global Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical Oncology-Based CRO Market using research methodologies such as Pestle and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis .

They have provided accurate and reliable market data and helpful recommendations with the aim of helping players gain insight into the overall current and future market scenario. The Discounted Payment Link – Oncology Based Preclinical CRO report includes in-depth research on potential segments including product types, applications and end-users as well as their contribution to the overall market size. .

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The main players covered by the discounted payment link – Preclinical CRO markets based on oncology:

Market segmentation of automated drug delivery systems:

The Automated Drug Delivery Systems market report has categorized the market into segments comprising product type and application. Each segment is evaluated based on share and growth rate. Meanwhile, analysts looked at potential areas that could prove rewarding for builders in the years to come. The regional analysis includes reliable forecast on value and volume, thereby helping market players to gain in-depth insights into the entire industry.

Discounted Payment Link – Market Breakdown of Preclinical Oncology-Based CROs by Type:

Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical Oncology Based CRO Market Split By Application:

Based on geography: North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, etc.), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa).

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Discounted Payment Link – Scope of Oncology Based Preclinical CRO Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2028
Reference year considered 2021
Historical data 2015 – 2019
Forecast period 2021 – 2028
Quantitative units Revenue in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2027
Covered segments Types, applications, end users, etc.
Cover of the report Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free customization of reports (equivalent to 8 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.
Price and purchase options Take advantage of custom shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

Key questions answered in the report:

  • What is the growth potential of the Discounted Payment Link – Oncology Based Preclinique CRO markets?
  • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
  • Which regional market will emerge as a precursor in the years to come?
  • Which application segment will grow at a sustained rate?
  • What are the growth opportunities that could emerge in the lock washer industry in the years to come?
  • What are the main challenges that the global preclinical oncology-based CRO markets may face in the future?
  • Who are the leading companies in the Global Discounted Payment Link – Oncology Based Preclinical CRO market?
  • What are the main trends that are positively impacting the growth of the market?
  • What are the growth strategies considered by the players to maintain their grip on the global Discounted Payment Link – Preclinical Oncology-Based CRO market?

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The study thoroughly explores the profiles of the major market players and their main financial aspects. This comprehensive business analyst report is useful for all existing and new entrants when designing their business strategies. This report covers the production, revenue, market share and growth rate of the Payment Link Oncology Based Oncology Preclinical CRO market for each key company, and covers the breakdown data (production, consumption, revenue, and market share). market) by regions, type and applications. Discounted Payment Link – Historical preclinical CRO breakdown data based on oncology from 2016 to 2020 and forecast to 2021-2029.

About us: Market research intelligence

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and personalized research reports to clients from various industries and organizations in addition to the goal of providing personalized and in-depth research studies. range of industries, including energy, technology, manufacturing and construction, chemicals and materials, food and beverage. Etc. Our research studies help our clients make more data-driven decisions, admit push predictions, grossly capitalize on opportunities, and maximize efficiency by acting as their criminal belt to adopt accurate mention and essential without compromise. clients, we have provided expertly behaving affirmation research facilities to over 100 Global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, IBM, Shell, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Siemens, Microsoft, Sony and Hitachi.

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Website: –https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/

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Crypto payment firm MoonPay buys CryptoPunk NFT https://lescouleursdeluce.com/crypto-payment-firm-moonpay-buys-cryptopunk-nft/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 22:39:00 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/crypto-payment-firm-moonpay-buys-cryptopunk-nft/

There was a lot of crypto news at the start of the year as the NFT market continued to strengthen.

Non-fungible tokens, more commonly referred to as NFTs, are both individual and unique. The key feature, therefore, is that they cannot be copied or duplicated. This very attribute has made NFTs particularly popular in the arts and entertainment world.

What is MoonPay?

Launched in 2019, MoonPay supports the buying and selling of cryptos. Users can seamlessly trade cryptos and fiat using credit and debit cards as well as payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, MoonPay has also moved into the NFT space. This decision is strategic, MoonPay seeking to seize market share of the NFT.

Last November, MoonPay made headlines after raising $ 555 million in Series A funding to bring the company’s value to $ 3.4 billion.

NFT Market News

There was no shortage of NFT news at the turn of the year. Recent activity suggests another boom year for the NFT market.

Just this week, Quinten Tarantino announced that the planned sale of Pulp Fiction NFTs will continue, which will likely generate a lot of interest among buyers. Sport and the NFT have also joined forces, with the NBA and NFL entering the NFT space.

As Pulp Fiction and Quinten Tarantino enter the NFT space is big news, and sports including tennis also garner a lot of interest, CryptoPunks continues to be one of the most popular NFTs on the market. NFT.

MoonPay buys CryptoPunks

The news fell on the wires This morning, MoonPay bought NFT CryptoPunk # 2681 for 900 ETH, which equates to around $ 3 million. To date, MoonPay has reportedly focused on items from the market-leading Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. MoonPay has purchased NFTs for famous clients, which is aligned with its NFT market strategy.

In December 2021, Pak’s “The Merge” officially became the most expensive NFT ever sold at $ 91.8 million. 28,983 collectors have come together to buy “The Merge”. Until December, the most expensive NFT was Beeple’s collage titled “Everydays: the First 5000 Days”. The NFT was purchased by a single collector for $ 69.3 million.

At the turn of the year, OpenSea reportedly saw transaction volume in 2022 increase by more than $ 700 million, driven by the “bored monkey mania NFT frenzy.” The report notes that OpenSea achieved a record transaction volume of $ 225.8 million on the 3rde January alone.

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MINEROS ANNOUNCES JANUARY 2022 DIVIDEND PAYMENT DATE https://lescouleursdeluce.com/mineros-announces-january-2022-dividend-payment-date/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 22:21:00 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/mineros-announces-january-2022-dividend-payment-date/

(all amounts are in US dollars, unless otherwise specified)


MEDELLIN, Colombia, January 6, 2022 / CNW / – Mineros SA (TSX: MSA) (CB: MINEROS) (“Mineros“or the”Society“), is pleased to announce that the payment date of the last quarterly tranche of the ordinary dividend approved by the shareholders of the Company at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 25, 2021 the amount of $ 0.0154 per common share will be paid on January 20, 2022. As part of the payment of the last tranche of the ordinary dividend, the Company has set a registration date in Canada, being closed on January 14th, 2022.


Mineros is a Latin American gold mining company headquartered in Medellin, Colombia. The Company has a diversified asset base, with mines in Colombia, Nicaragua and Argentina and a pipeline of development and exploration projects across the region.

Mineros’ board of directors and management have extensive experience in mining, corporate development, finance and sustainability. Mineros has a long history of maximizing shareholder value and producing strong annual dividends. For nearly 50 years, Mineros has operated with an emphasis on safety and sustainability in all of its operations.

Mineros’ common stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “MSA” and on the Colombia Stock Exchange under the symbol “MINEROS”.


This press release contains “forward-looking information” and “forward-looking statements” (collectively, “forward-looking information“) within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking information may relate to the Company’s future financial prospects and anticipated events or results and may include information relating to the financial position, business strategy, growth strategies, addressable markets, budgets, operations, financial results, taxes, dividend policy, plans and targets. In particular, information regarding the Company’s expectations regarding results, performance, achievements, outlook or future opportunities or the markets in which the Company operates are forward-looking information. Forward-looking information may be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “plans”, “objectives”, “expect”, ” budgets “,” planned “,” estimates “,” outlook “,” forecasts “,” projects “,” outlook “,” strategy “,” Considers “,” anticipates “,” believes “or variations of these words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results” could “,” could “,” could “,” “maybe t”, or “will” happen. In addition, any statement that refers to expectations, intentions, projections or other characterizations of future events or circumstances contains forward-looking information. Statements containing forward-looking information are not historical facts but rather represent management’s expectations, estimates and projections regarding future events or circumstances. Forward-looking information contained in this document includes, without limitation, statements made regarding the amount and timing of the January 2022 dividend to be paid to the shareholders of the Company.

Forward-looking information is necessarily based on a number of opinions, estimates and assumptions which, although considered by the Company to be appropriate and reasonable at the date of this press release, are subject to risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors likely to cause actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. These risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, market conditions, the price of gold, currency fluctuations and the factors described under “Risk Factors” in the Company’s final prospectus dated November 11, 2021 (the “Final prospectus“), available on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.

If any of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or if the opinions, estimates or assumptions underlying the forward-looking information prove to be incorrect, actual results or future events could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking information. The opinions, estimates or assumptions mentioned above and the risk factors described in the “Risk Factors” section of the Final Prospectus should be carefully considered.

Although the Company has attempted to identify significant risk factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking information, there may be other risk factors currently unknown to the Company or that the Company currently considers insignificant which could also cause actual results or future events to differ materially from those expressed in this forward-looking information. There can be no assurance that such information will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such information. Therefore, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information, which speaks only as of the date of its publication. Forward-looking information contained in this press release represents the Company’s expectations as of the date of this press release (or the date on which it is otherwise indicated) and is subject to change after such date. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation or commitment to update or revise any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable securities laws.



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Average monthly payment for a new car reaches $ 636 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/average-monthly-payment-for-a-new-car-reaches-636/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 21:06:46 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/average-monthly-payment-for-a-new-car-reaches-636/

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new or used car in the past couple of years, the high prices caused by the global shortage of microchips (and therefore car stock) is a grim reality. Thanks to the data collected by the experts at Edmunds, we can see how serious the situation is. In a nutshell, monthly payments are up and the amount financed is up, both in part because luxury buyers are turning to finance rather than leasing. Interest rates, on the other hand, are down slightly, offering buyers a rare glimmer of hope in today’s auto-buying climate. Here’s what the data tells us.

The average monthly payment for a new car is $ 636

Just under a third of buyers chose to lease their vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2019 – the last pre-COVID quarter. Since automakers are generally less likely to offer attractive rental rates in these times of high demand and limited supply, buyers are choosing to finance rather than lease their new vehicle. The lease penetration rate fell to 23% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

This particularly affects luxury buyers, as the low monthly leasing payments make these vehicles more accessible. But a combination of reduced rental incentives and relatively low interest rates (a drop from 4.4% in Q3 2021 to 4.1% in Q4) means that luxury buyers are increasingly looking for more. ease with financing a vehicle purchase. For example, the percentage of BMW buyers financing – rather than leasing – their new car rose from 33% in Q4 2020 to 42% in Q4 2021, while Mercedes-Benz financing numbers fell from 29% to 44% during the same period. Lexus noted the most significant change, with 26% of buyers opting for financing in Q4 2020, up from 45% in Q4 2021.

More buyers financing expensive luxury vehicles naturally increase the average monthly payment for a car. That figure stood at $ 581 in the fourth quarter of 2020 – a number roughly equivalent to the fourth quarter of 2019 (as noted, the last pre-COVID quarter). But the vehicle shortage was in full swing in 2021, pushing monthly payments to $ 614 in the third quarter of 2021. That rose to $ 636 in the fourth quarter of 2021, the highest average monthly payment ever recorded by Edmunds. These numbers coincide with an average down payment increase, from $ 5,394 in the third quarter of last year to $ 5,780 in the fourth quarter. Bottom line: Buyers spend more upfront and every month afterward. Fortunately, the average finance term holds around 70 months, so at least our data doesn’t show buyers are making these payments work by extending the repayment period.

Edmunds says

All other things being equal, an increase in the overall average monthly payment may suggest a rise in prices or interest rates, or a general move towards more expensive vehicles. However, in this case at least, the change appears to be driven by luxury buyers choosing to finance rather than lease their new vehicles.

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4 Social Security payment quirks that no one is warning you about https://lescouleursdeluce.com/4-social-security-payment-quirks-that-no-one-is-warning-you-about/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 11:01:51 +0000 https://lescouleursdeluce.com/4-social-security-payment-quirks-that-no-one-is-warning-you-about/
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock.com

Many people understand the basics of Social Security long before they retire: you pay into the program with your taxes throughout your working years, and then much of the change will await you afterwards.

We learn as we get older that things get more complicated than that. Much is written on everything from eligibility requirements for ex-spouses to how to maximize your Social Security checks.

There are also some things that it would have been good to know in advance, but that many people don’t realize until they start receiving benefits. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

1. You are paid in arrears

Upset senior surprised while on his laptop
Stock-Asso / Shutterstock.com

Uncle Sam is very demanding that you pay him on time, but of course, he’s not so considerate in return.

As the administration of social security freely admit, you can expect every Social Security check to be “paid within the month following the month for which it is due.” In other words, your May check will arrive in June.

But it’s not considered a late payment when the federal government does.

2. You get paid monthly

Empty wallet
pathdoc / Shutterstock.com

In our working lives, many of us get used to a weekly, biweekly, or at least fortnightly salary – and we build our budgets around that.

These pay periods describe the vast majority of U.S. paychecks, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Three-quarters of employers pay weekly or bi-weekly, while less than 5% of employers pay monthly.

Nonetheless, Social Security operates on the unpopular monthly frequency.

3. Your payment date usually depends on your birthday

senior man looking at calendar
Daisy Daisy / Shutterstock.com

Once upon a time – before 1997 – most people received their Social Security checks in the first three days of the month. It didn’t work out very well.

Because everyone was expecting their checks at the same time, it created a burden on the social security administration, banks, businesses, postal services, and the like.

The SSA found that departments were less overwhelmed when checks were spread throughout the month. This process is called “payment cycling, and today it works like this:

  • If your birthday is from 1 to 10: Benefits are paid the second Wednesday of the month.
  • If your birthday is from 11 to 20: Benefits are paid on the third Wednesday.
  • If your birthday is from 21 to 31: Benefits are paid on the fourth Wednesday.

4. If you receive the SSI, your payment date is different

senior woman counting cash
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

There is an exception to receiving social security based on your date of birth.

If you also receive additional security income (SSI) benefits – which are income supplements for the elderly, blind or disabled, and have little or no income – you will receive your social security payment on third of the month, like the good old times. Until then, you will receive your SSI payment first.

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