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When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck in the first months of 2020, the economic shock wave it created was enormous. In those first few months, many companies did what they could to help, including automakers who offered payment relief to struggling customers. Some of these same manufacturers, such as Mazda and Toyota, provide relief to a different set of clients who are going through very difficult times due to Hurricane Ida and other tropical storms.

Automotive company services during the coronavirus pandemic

Mazda Financial Services Plaque | MAZDA OPERATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA

Before Hurricane Ida, when the coronavirus outbreak caused a series of lockdowns in March 2020, many automakers stepped up to help customers in big and small ways. As CNET reported, many companies, including Hyundai, GM and Ford, have offered relief in various forms. The financial assistance offered included deferred payments, zero percent financing, certain monthly payments covered by the business, etc.