Group lobbies for seniors to get $ 1,400 payment

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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Senior Citizens League is working to get more stimulus money for older Americans, but they don’t expect to see it by the end of the year.

Two weeks ago, the advocacy group reportedly sent letters to congressional leaders asking them to consider a proposed Social Security stimulus payment of $ 1,400 for some of America’s most vulnerable citizens.

“We heard from thousands of them [seniors] who have depleted their retirement savings, who have started eating only one meal a day, have started cutting their pills in half because they cannot afford their prescription drugs, to name a few- some of the drastic measures that so much of what inflation has done to them this year, ”the letter would have said in part.

Now the advocacy group says Congress is unlikely to follow through on his proposal this year. Still, they hope that sufficient support from the elderly will make them a major problem with congressional support next year.

The Senior Citizens League warns the cost of goods and services is rising for those on fixed incomes ahead of next year’s federal cost of living hike.

Government economics experts have estimated that recent increases in inflation mean that the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2022 will approach 6%, jumping from the 1.3% COLA granted in 2021.

Part of this can lead to higher health insurance costs. The Medicare “Part B” premium for outpatient coverage was expected to increase by $ 10 per month in 2022, to reach $ 158.50 according to the report’s interim assumptions. The official issue will not be published until later this year.

The advocacy group said older Americans are already under pressure from other inevitable and rising costs such as food, shelter and transportation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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