How Thanksgiving Affects Benefit Payment Dates

SOME households will receive their benefits on other days than usual due to Thanksgiving next week.

This is because benefits are generally not paid on federal holidays.


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Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, which means it will be on November 25, 2021.

Many Americans then take time off work the day after Black Friday.

If you are currently applying for benefits, including Social Security, we explain if and how it will affect your payment during the holiday season.

Federal law requires that all benefit payments, including Social Security and Supplementary Income Security benefits, be made electronically.

If you are currently receiving benefits by check, you should switch to an electronic payment option, such as direct deposit.

This means you’ll get the money faster, and you’ll also prevent checks from potentially getting lost or stolen in the mail.

Social Security

Social Security applicants are usually paid on the second Wednesday of the month if they were born from the first to the 10th of the month.

If you were born from 11 to 20, you will instead be paid on the third Wednesday of the month.

For dates after the 20th, you will be paid on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

If your payment date falls on a federal holiday or a weekend, you can expect to receive payment for that month on the immediately preceding weekday.

However, most social insurance will not be affected as the remaining public holidays do not fall on a Wednesday.

Other benefits, including unemployment assistance

Along with many other benefits, when you will receive the money depends on when you first applied and where you live.

If you receive food stamps, these benefits are filed the same day each month in some states, even if it falls on a weekend or a holiday.

In other states, there are delays when there are federal holidays.

To find out when you will be paid, be sure to contact your state directly, which may be your social service or social service center.

The timing of unemployment benefits is also dependent on states.

In New Hampshire, for example, the job security office is closed for Thanksgiving and the following Friday.

This means that applications filed on Thanksgiving Day or the following Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday are processed Monday evening.

Eligible benefit payments are then issued on Tuesday morning.

To ensure your payment is not delayed, households are advised to file their return on the Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re having trouble getting food on the table for Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered on how to get help.

We also bring together the three types of Social Security benefits – and how much you can get.

In addition, we explain your options if you are asked to repay unemployment benefits.

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