Improve your e-commerce business with crypto payment provider Remuno

Remuno’s simplicity starts with its three-step installation, from registration to verification process. Individuals will need to provide the organization with their first and last name, company name and email address. After this process, users will have the option to select an integration tool. The currently available integration of Remuno is the API tool, which offers a tailor-made solution on all platforms. An upcoming integration tool that they plan to introduce soon are plugins, which the organization sees as a perfect answer for content management system (CMS) solutions. Once an integration tool is selected, users can place the “Checkout with crypto” button in the payment section of their website, where they would facilitate payments from 95% of major cryptocurrencies by value Merchant. This means that major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana can all be used to pay for goods and services on any e-commerce site that has Remuno installed.

Remuno has the potential to be the pioneer in making it easier to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies online. Essentially, the institution could contribute to the standardization of cryptocurrencies implemented in e-commerce businesses, using it as a tool to expand their audience and earn more financial revenue.

Want to know more about Remuno? Check their website and that article.


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