Jesse Williams wants monthly child support payment of $40,000 reduced

Grey’s Anatomy” Star jesse williams is asking for a lower amount in her monthly child support payments. The actor left the medical drama in 2021 after spending 10 seasons as Dr. Jackson Avery because he wanted to “expand his work.”

The resulting effect was acting roles with compensation far removed from his “Grey’s Anatomy” income, which made his monthly child support payments difficult. After his rather messy divorce in 2020, the actor was tasked with paying his wife $40,000 a month, Aryn Drake Leeto support their two children.

Via court documents, Williams said paying the sum every month would not be feasible due to the “significant reduction” in her income. He added that the change would not affect his children’s lives as they were already used to a “modest” life.

Jesse Williams has filed for a reduction in child support


Williams is reportedly seeking a reduction in the $40,000 monthly child support he previously paid to his wife, Drake-Lee. The actor said that after leaving the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, he started making a lot less money.

According to page 6, court documents showed the 40-year-old opposed Drake Lee’s motion to dismiss his request for lower child support payments. Williams said: “I ask the court to reduce child support to a reasonable amount that I can afford given the significant reduction in my income and the new fluctuating nature of my income.”

The actor left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in May 2021 after 10 seasons on the show. Williams is currently with the cast of the Broadway play “Take Me Out” by Richard Greenberg.

Williams was making more money on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Netflix premiere The Irishman - Arrivals, Jesse Williams

Via page 6, the actor currently earns $1,668 a week. That’s a far cry from his $6.2 million and $183,000 residual as a “Grey’s Anatomy” actor. Williams revealed that the ABC drama was the main source of income for the actor and his family, so he couldn’t afford the large monthly payments without it.

After an arduous three-year separation process, the former couple finalized their divorce in 2020. Williams and Drake-Lee currently share joint custody of their two children, Sadie and eight-year-old Maceo, who is six. According to Williams, child support payments began in October 2019, amounting to $480,000 per year.

The actor explained, “The child support of $40,000 a month ($480,000 a year), which began October 1, 2019, was almost entirely based on my episodic ‘Grey’s’ fee, which was then my main source of income.

Williams added that child support payments were based on other sources of income, including residuals from “Grey’s Anatomy” shows in which he was married to Drake-Lee. This also included money from various small acting roles and gigs like endorsements and appearance work. “All of my additional sources of income were/are way below my old ‘Grey’s’ episodic fees,” he added.

Williams said her children lived a “modest life”

Jesse Williams is seen leaving the Avenue club after attending an Emmy party

One of Williams’ arguments for reducing child support payments was that it would not negatively affect her children. According to the actor, his children grew up modestly, and the initial child support of $40,000 was not reflected in their lifestyle.

He said, “Our children’s lifestyle in no way reflected/reflects the $40,000 a month child support. Our children have a modest life. They don’t have expensive hobbies or attend expensive camps.

Williams added that her kids weren’t used to special treats on infrequent vacations like using private jets. “They don’t fly private jets when we take vacations (which are already infrequent), and we don’t have vacation homes,” he said. “I agreed to child support solely because of my then significant income from ‘Grey’s’.”

Jesse Williams left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘expand’ his work

Gray apos s Anatomy Heart Throb Jesse Williams seen eating pizza

Williams joined the cast of the ABC medical series in season six. He did a recurring cast in season seven, meaning the actor spent ten entire seasons on the show. His contract with “Grey’s Anatomy” ended in season 17, and the actor has decided not to renew it.

According to The New York Times, Williams left to try something new. He told the outlet: “I needed to get out of my comfort zone; I needed to go somewhere very unfamiliar. He did it for his recent role as a mixed-race gay baseball star in the Broadway play.

The 40-year-old said something along the same lines in the recent lawsuit. Williams revealed that his role as Dr. Jackson Avery “stamped over 95% of my reputation as an actor, and it was imperative to expand my work before it was too late”.

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