Langley Recycling Inc. offers reliable metal recycling, fast cash payment and easy work processes in Kansas City, MO

KANSAS CITY, MO – (NewMediaWire) – November 14, 2022 – Langley Recycling Inc., a recycling industry leader in Kansas City, MO, handles a wide range of scrap metal and other recyclable materials. The company offers a wide range of recycling-related services and currently processes tonnes of scrap metal per year, including bronze, brass, nickel, cast iron, copper, steel, stainless steel and other recyclable materials. The company is pleased to announce that they currently accept all types of aluminum and aluminum cans.

“Langley Recycling, Inc. is committed to buying, selling and processing scrap metal with the knowledge and professionalism to make us a leader in the scrap metal industry. We are one of the largest metal recycling facilities of the Kansas City area. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and processing facilities to improve product quality, maximize profitability and keep our prices competitive,” the company representative said.

Langley Recycling, Inc has state certified scales with professional and friendly staff on board to help guide customers through the recycling process. After bringing the unwanted waste to the facility, the team will professionally weigh the waste to determine how much the customer will receive. This is done seamlessly using industry standard and professional scales, after which payment is initiated immediately. The company’s flexible payment options allow customers to opt for cash, PayPal, Venmo, wire transfer, or even BitCoin.

The Company’s Stadium Drive location is one of the Kansas City metro area’s largest recycling facilities, upgraded with the latest equipment to recycle metals faster and more efficiently.

Some of the scrap and recycling services offered by Langley Recycling Inc. include dumpsters, van truck pickup services, recycling catalytic converters, buying junk cars, forklifts and other industrial equipment , mobile car crushing and salvage, commercial scrap metal sales and scrap metal recycling.

By hiring Langley Recycling, Inc., customers are sure to sell their scrap easily and conveniently with unlimited quantities of scrap metal as the company can handle any size load. Plus, they can enjoy extended service hours at their convenience and on-demand pickup services. The company will also perform heavy unloading (by hand or with a magnetic crane).

Langley Recycling, Inc. understands that recycling metals is a more economically and environmentally viable way to obtain and use metals because it costs less than the original cost of producing the metals. Additionally, the metal can withstand continuous recycling without loss of quality, making it a popular area for companies to invest in for maximum productivity.

As a trusted name in the industry with a significant reputation and many years of experience, Langley Recycling, Inc. has made every effort to stay current with the latest laws, regulations and industry trends by identifying what they can safely recycle at their facility. . The company has a full range of containers that can be rented by customers.

Most importantly, Langley Recycling, Inc. works with its customers to protect the environment by ensuring that no recycled scrap ends up in landfills. The company believes that working closely with its customers will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, while helping them get the money they deserve for their scrap metal.

Founded in the 1900s, Langley Recycling Inc. is a local family business that homes and commercial businesses know and trust. Now, over 100 years later, the company has become the premier recycling center in Kansas City, MO, and a trusted destination for individuals and businesses looking to sell their scrap metal, vehicles, catalytic converters, their forklifts, industrial equipment, etc. After.

Langley Recycling Inc. is located at 3557 Stadium Dr, Kansas City, MO, 64129. For more up-to-date Kansas City Scrap Metal Recycling information or any inquiries, customers are encouraged to visit their website or reach them by phone at 816-924-8452.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Langley Recycling Inc.

Contact person: John Langley

Call: 816-924-8452

Address: 3557 Stadium Drive

Town: Kansas City

State: MO

Postal code: 64129

Country: WE


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