Liberal leader Vic’s chief of staff resigns over demand for payment

“It is the current government, as you know, that is debating this week and passing corruption commission laws on its own codes of conduct, which are being broken; around their own behavior, which is questionable; around the three reports of the corruption commission that have taken place in this government.

Former journalist Mitch Catlin moved into public relations and marketing in 2005 and held senior positions at Myer, where he worked closely with model Jennifer Hawkins and Swisse vitamins. Tash Sorensen

Mr Guy said he would appoint a new chief of staff on Tuesday. He also said that if all his staff were paid from a budget provided by the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministry, there was room for a code of conduct for opposition staff.

“There is currently no code of conduct for opposition staff. I accept this as a problem that needs to be fixed. I will fix this and we will ensure that there is a code of conduct for opposition staff, as there is and should be for government staff as well, Mr Guy said.

The latest Liberal casualty follows the expulsion of longtime troublemaker Bernie Finn, who was kicked out of the party for controversial comments including that he was ‘praying’ for abortion to be banned in Australia, and the resignation of MP for Kew Tim Smith, who last year had an accident with his Jaguar after driving drunk at twice the legal limit.

The Andrews government shifted gears on Tuesday by directly attacking Mr Guy, having previously taken an approach of refusing to mention his name, or that of his failed predecessor Michael O’Brien, since the 2018 election.

He published a list of 14 questions, including when Mr Guy became aware of the contract drawn up by Mr Catlin, what “business interests” the contract referred to and why Mr Guy himself was asked to pass it on to the anonymous liberal donor.

Bookmakers have listed Labor at $1.40 to win the November election, with the Coalition seen as an outside chance at $2.95.

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