New digital payment solutions to improve the experience of government services have been introduced in “Abu Dhabi Pay”

  • Abu Dhabi Pay is a unified digital payment platform that provides seamless and secure digital payment options for all government services in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Abu Dhabi Government’s Unified Services Ecosystem, TAMM, in cooperation with First Abu Dhabi Bank and Magnati, has unveiled the launch of new digital payment solutions and options through Abu Dhabi Pay, a unified digital payment platform that enables customers to conduct digital transactions with Abu Dhabi government services.

Abu Dhabi Pay offers convenience, simplicity and security with a variety of payment options. It introduces Abu Dhabi Pay Digital Wallet as a new payment channel for all Abu Dhabi Government entities and includes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Payit, PayBy, Google Pay, direct debit and credit cards, and prepaid cards.

Abu Dhabi Pay was created to provide users with seamless and secure digital payment methods through their smartphones and enables the ability to send and transfer money. It complements the Abu Dhabi government’s vision to build a cashless society and expand payment methods in the emirate. It offers multiple and secure payment options, single payments for multi-party services, and unified customer experiences across all government channels.

Abu Dhabi Pay adds more transparent and secure digital payment options in cooperation with First Abu Dhabi Bank. It improves the customer experience and helps reduce reliance of government entities and community members on cash transactions, helping the emirate’s transition to a digital and cashless economy.

TAMM also unveiled the launch of four prepaid cards – two cards for individuals and two for businesses – which allow users to pay for government service fees. The cards can also be used to make cash, check and bank transfers to digital payment card users. The corporate card has a maximum balance of AED 10 million to enable organizations to settle large value payments.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al Askar, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said, “Abu Dhabi Pay is transforming payment methods. It offers transparent, secure and standardized methods to digitally make payments for all government services through different channels. It represents another step towards improving the sustainability of digital services and is a joint achievement representing the tireless efforts of multiple government and private sector teams. It reflects our belief in the importance of public-private collaboration for initiatives that serve the community, improve competitiveness, and provide an integrated digital environment that enriches people’s lives and helps them innovate.

Her Excellency Aisha Ibrahim Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of Government Services Sector at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said: “The addition of new digital payment solutions and options through Abu Dhabi Pay helps to strengthen its position as one of the pillars of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. government service ecosystem. It offers tangible benefits to government entities and customers, reducing the need for manual transactions. Customers benefit from multiple payment options with a high level of security, as this enables one-time payments for services from multiple parties through the TAMM ecosystem.

Hana Al Rostamani, CEO of FAB Group, said, “Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of innovation and seeks to empower governments, businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital economy. By partnering with the Digital Authority of Abu Dhabi to create and implement TAMM, a one-stop-shop online government services platform, FAB aims to strengthen the emirate’s digital ecosystem and unleash the value of technology to provide customers with increased convenience and accessibility. The partnership is in line with the UAE’s vision of close collaboration between the public and private sectors, fueling a new wave of innovation in Abu Dhabi to deliver effective new solutions to the market.

Ramana Kumar, CEO of Magnati, said, “Magnati is helping advance Abu Dhabi’s cashless vision with cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance the Abu Dhabi Pay platform. We are proud to partner with the government to enable transparent and secure digital payments. The convenience enjoyed by Abu Dhabi Pay users and residents of the emirate will pave the way for Abu Dhabi’s transition to a cashless economy.

Abu Dhabi Pay is one of the digital enablers of TAMM, a unified government service ecosystem. It allows citizens, residents, visitors and investors to access over 700 services from over 30 government entities anytime and from anywhere through the TAMM app or website. The platform is part of the government’s efforts to improve people’s quality of life and facilitate easy access to government services.

More than 30 Abu Dhabi government entities are participating in GITEX Global 2022 under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Government Pavilion. They showcase their latest initiatives and projects aimed at supporting the digital transformation process in Abu Dhabi.


About TAMM

TAMM, a product of Ghadan21 and developed through cooperation with all government entities in Abu Dhabi, leverages the latest technologies and digital solutions to deliver seamless service experiences to customers. The ecosystem offers its customers a full range of government services through a single point of access anytime, anywhere. By using TAMM, clients can have direct access to information without having to visit every government entity. TAMM continues to advance digital transformation in Abu Dhabi by providing all Abu Dhabi residents with efficient and high-quality government services through integrated and secure digital platforms.

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