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Cel-Fi through Nextivity Next-generation mobile signal boosters are quickly becoming the go-to solution for mitigating mobile dead zones in department stores where reliable cellular coverage is an integral part of the credit application and payment processes for high value items as PSD2 payment regulations are tightened.

The retail industry is now virtually cashless and the FCA is continuously strengthening the rules for consumer credit agreements to protect them from fraud and provide greater transparency. Under current regulations, all consumer credit applications must be made electronically for liability. Before a request can be processed, a one-time authentication code, dynamically generated and primarily delivered by SMS or MMS, must be verified by the requester in accordance with applicable proof of possession rules.

While most retailers have invested in sophisticated Wi-Fi systems to support fast processing, they are unable to ensure seamless delivery of required authentication codes due to poor mobile coverage in their stores. respective stores because their glass and / or metal fittings block cell phone signals. . SCA and PSD2 treatment is expected to become mandatory in March 2022 and failure to comply could have costly consequences.

“The majority of store managers just aren’t aware of the real consequences of poor mobile coverage,” says Colin Abrey, vice president of channel sales, EMA at Nextivity. “Not only is ubiquitous mobile coverage an integral part of credit application processes because Wi-Fi networks don’t support texting, uneven coverage can lead to huge inefficiencies at self-checkout. Retail companies must act now to address this issue as time is running out. “

Unreliable mobile coverage is particularly problematic for the automotive industry. Like Derek Philips, Managing Director of Boost Pro Systems Ltd, explains one of Nextivity’s distribution partners: “When purchasing a new vehicle last year, I personally had to leave the showroom and go out in search of a sufficient telephone signal. powerful to receive the documentation and authentication code needed to complete the purchase. The experience drew my attention to the problems that my customers face in the automotive trade on a daily basis. Connectivity needs to be improved in these showrooms, especially with the new PSD2 regulation becoming mandatory, as a non-compliant dealer may experience issues with the FCA.

Available through a network of authorized distributors and distribution partners, Cel-Fi by Nextivity mobile signal boosters alleviate mobile coverage issues in harsh retail environments with an easy-to-install solution. The Cel-Fi by Nextivity product line includes the world-class Intelliboost chipset at its core and this built-in intelligence enables the mobile signal amplification units in the system to reliably enhance all available mobile signals.

In addition, Cel-Fi by Nextivity is the mobile repeater system that fully satisfies Ofcomby not interfering with other wireless devices and by offering an unconditional network security guarantee, which makes its use legal on all current mobile networks in the UK.

In addition to being an integral part of PSD2 authentication processes, transparent mobile coverage is becoming increasingly essential to support other digital technologies, such as cashierless payments or smart shopping apps, to help retailers. to preserve their profit margins and to maintain their results.

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