No deposit, incentives for Maxus vehicles in ‘Max Deals on Zero’

MANILA: Maxus Philippines, the distributor of the British-born automaker, has launched its “Max Deals on Zero” promo. Customers can purchase a Maxus vehicle without a down payment and enjoy exclusive cash benefits and incentives on all Maxus models if they pay in cash. The promotion is valid until October 31.

The Max Deals on Zero does not offer any down payment with cash incentives to buyers of financing, through the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or the BPI Family Savings Bank account. Buyers through BPI can enter into a holdback agreement with the bank for an amount equivalent to a certain percentage of the price of the vehicle, Maxus Philippines said.

Here are the following Maxus models with BPI deposits amounting to 20% of the vehicle price: G50 MPV (from 948,000 P), T60 pick-up (from 948,000 P), D60 SUV (from 1.118 million P), Van G10 (from 1.71 million P) and SUV D90 (from 1.818 million P).

The V80 minivan (from P 1.04 million) is available with a BPI deposit of as low as 30% of the vehicle price.

The security deposit maximizes the buyer’s return on investment through account interest earned, while amortizing the full net transaction price of their Maxus vehicle, the distributor said.

For cash buyers, cash incentives are offered to further reduce the MSRP of the vehicle and ease the customer’s finances.

In addition to the Max Deals on Zero offers, Maxus vehicle chattel mortgage fees and first year comprehensive insurance are both free.

Maxus G50

Maxus Philippines said it enables its customers to “maximize the opportunities not only to acquire a durable and reliable vehicle with 125 years of British heritage, expertise and experience, but also to utilize the additional savings resulting from discounts and zero down payment for other major household or business expenses. “

The distributor invites the public to log on to its website, to make an appointment for a test drive or vehicle reservation with Maxus dealers, who can be contacted by phone.

Maxus dealers are located at the following locations: Magallanes in Makati at (0912) 348-1898 or (0967) 318-0073; Sheridan in Greenfield District in Mandaluyong at (02) 8858-5823; Quezon Avenue along Quezon City at (02) 8858-5818; Boulevard Pedro Cayetano in Taguig Sud at (02) 7219-9240; North Recovery Zone in Cebu City at (032) 517-8226; Mandurriao in the city of Iloilo at (033) 331-2622; Araneta Street in Bacolod Town at (034) 435-7575; and Pueblo in the town of Cagayan de Oro at (0995) 355-9400.

Maxus Philippines Pictures

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