Novum Business Invest launches the installment payment system directly to the promoter, extended for a maximum of 10-12 years

In order to support those who want to buy an apartment, but who are not qualified to conclude a mortgage contract or who are afraid of future increases in interest rates and inflation, Novum Business Invest has launched a system of fixed rates and equal for the purchase of new apartments, in Bucharest.

The apartments available for sale in the direct-to-developer installment system are located on Timișoara Boulevard, no. 56, Bucharest. They are part of a large Novum Business Invest residential complex which, upon completion, will total over 1,000 units. A community will be created, as in all Novum Invest projects, with multiple facilities for tenants – commercial spaces, playgrounds, event spaces, relaxation areas, extracurricular, etc.

“We are launching this unique developer installment payment system, with an extended payment term, for those who do not have a bank loan option, but want a property for personal use or investment. With experience solid and successful in the development of real estate projects, always meeting delivery deadlines, Novum Business Invest has a stable and consolidated position in the Romanian real estate market to be able to offer potential buyers a flexible acquisition system The pricing system is predictable , with fixed and equal installments throughout the life of the contract, independent of macroeconomic fluctuations and shocks.Each client will have a clear situation of payment of installments in a maximum of 10 or 12 years, depending on the amount of the advance payment. said Alin Popa, Managing Director of Novum Business Invest

Novum Business Invest offers two purchase options, depending on the amount of the deposit. For a minimum of 25%, the customer will begin to pay installments as soon as the promise to purchase is signed, the payment term being, in total, a maximum of 12 years. Those who choose to pay an advance of at least 40% can opt for the payment of installments from the moment of handing over the apartment, the payment term being a maximum of 10 years.

“We are going through a period of economic uncertainty. Inflation is at record levels, both in the United States and in Europe and Romania, and the only way to reduce the inflationary tide is to raise interest rates. This is already reflected in a rise in interest rates – 3-month ROBOR around 8%, but also an IRCC which will follow the upward trend, the latter being the arithmetic average of the daily interest rates assigned to interbank transactions in the previous quarter . Thus, in the next calculation, even IRCC will no longer be a safe haven for Romanians who want to protect themselves from rising interest rates. What we offer is a transparent payment system which is a great way to buy property while simplifying the buying process. We are also considering a possible extension of this payment system for future projects, adds Alin Popa, Managing Director of Novum Business Invest

The complex under construction where the apartments are available for sale in the installment payment system directly at the developer can be visited physically, at the address or the status of the project can be followed by accessing the website that the developer makes available day monthly with the progress of the work

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