Rebuilding a better setting is a down payment on the American dream


By Marc H. Morial

(Trice Edney Wire) – “We have to build America from the bottom up and the middle, not from the top down with the trickle-down economy that has always failed us. I can’t think of a single time that the class middle class did well but the rich did not do very well. I can think of many times, including now, where the rich and the super rich do very well, and the middle class does not do well. It’s not about left versus right, or moderate versus progressive, or whatever it is that pits Americans against each other. It’s about competitiveness versus appeasement. expanding opportunity, not denied opportunity. It’s about running the world or letting the world overtake us. – President Biden

For decades, American families have struggled to achieve the American dream of economic prosperity, home ownership and financial freedom due to years of neglect and failure of investments by Congress and the Trump administration.

United States ranked 22sd in US News & World Report’s 2021 “Best Countries to Raise Children” rankings, and 34th out of 35 in Asher & Lyric’s “Raising a Family Index”.

Of the 31 countries assessed by UNICEF for their family-friendly policies, the United States has fallen all the way to the bottom. The World Economic Forum’s Global Social Mobility Report ranked the United States 27th. We have the worst income inequalities among the G7 countries. The Social Progress Index, which measures how well countries are meeting the social and environmental needs of their citizens, ranks the United States 27th.

By almost every indicator imaginable, the United States has fallen behind. This week, President Biden reassured the American people that their dreams had not been forgotten.

While the framework for the Build Back Better program and the bipartisan infrastructure bill announced Thursday by President Biden does not include all the priorities of the National Urban League, it is a substantial down payment on a landmark investment. in a prosperous future.

The framework is strongly based on the Main Street Marshall Plan, the National Urban League’s comprehensive plan to lift urban communities out of poverty and stimulate their economic growth.

It will make it easier to create millions of jobs to support families, allow more Americans to join and stay in the workforce, and grow the U.S. economy for equal opportunity for growth. Elements of the Main Street Marshall Plan include:

• Universal and free preschool for all 3 and 4 year olds, making high quality education accessible to more than 6 million children.

• Extension of the American Rescue Plan’s expanded child tax credit, which reduced child poverty by 25 percent after a single payment, and could reduce child poverty by more than 40 percent over the course of a typical year.

• American Rescue Plan’s earned income tax credit tripling extended for over 17 million low-wage workers

• Close the Medicaid coverage gap, expand insurance coverage to 4 million Americans who are currently uninsured

• Investment in the construction, rehabilitation and improvement of over one million affordable housing units.

• Down payment assistance that will allow hundreds of thousands of first generation home buyers to purchase a home and build wealth.

The Build Back Better program and the bipartisan infrastructure bill are an investment in an inclusive, equitable and, most importantly, achievable nation. It’s time for the House and Senate to pass it and send it to the President’s office so that we can put the American people first.


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