Sila set to launch integrated and contactless payment options

Sila, the brand that brings together Qatar’s public transport modes into an integrated network, is set to add more features, including integrated and contactless payment options for public transport users.
In exclusive statements to Gulf Times, Sila’s spokesperson at the Ministry of Transport (MoT), Muna Mohamed Sa’ad al-Kharji, said the brand’s next step will be the launch of integrated payment options and without touching. “This includes paying directly from the Sila app using a QR code, Sila card and or bank cards on the different modes of transport. This means you will only need one application or a single card to pay, even to exchange between bus, metro, tram and taxi, she said.

“Once fully launched, the Sila brand will become a recognizable icon on wayfinding signs and all public transport modes and infrastructure, bringing them all together and making public transport journeys and choices even easier. The launch of other features, including integrated payment options, will be revealed in the near future,” she said.
Once the integrated payment options are launched, it will become even more convenient to use the public transport network since users will be able to pay for their integrated multimodal journeys with the Sila card, their bank cards or the QR code of the application. Ultimately, all of this will increase mobility, ridership and encourage use of the public transportation network.
“Sila, its app and website will continue to evolve, keeping pace with the development of public transport to ensure that the information they contain is up-to-date and meets the needs of travelers in Qatar. Future updates include the integration of new modes of transport and additional functions on the website and the application, for example, points of interest, bus route search function and others”, a said al-Kharji.
Sila is a brand that was launched by MoT while integrating public transport modes in Qatar and bringing them under one roof. It includes metro, bus, tram and taxi. The brand’s main features are the Sila app and website, designed to make traveling in Qatar easy and seamless. Both the app and the website include convenient features such as a trip planner to help users select schedules, modes and routes that work best for them.
“Qatar has made significant investments to provide citizens, residents and visitors with world-class public transport services. Sila goes one step further by integrating public transport modes to maximize ease and efficiency. I will give you an example: to get to City Center from Medina Central to The Pearl: the Sila trip planner will give you step by step instructions indicating the bus stop where you have to go, the bus number, the ‘time the bus will arrive, and approximately how long the bus will take to get to the nearest metro station, with the metro line heading downtown,’ al-Kharji said.
She added that Sila makes using public transport easier and more convenient, allowing users to live, work, go to school, shop and socialize with ease. “There is a positive impact that Sila has on the country as a whole. First, public transport offers a sustainable travel alternative to private car use, contributing to a greener and healthier environment for all of us. Second, public transport allows the movement of goods and people, which facilitates commercial and social activities. It also makes Qatar more attractive to tourists, which ultimately benefits the country economically. All of these points contribute to strengthening Qatar’s position as a modern and connected country with a high standard of living,” she noted.
According to al-Kharji, there is growing engagement on our social media pages as well as app downloads. “In the initial phase of our launch, we set out to introduce and raise awareness of the use of public transport. With the commitment we are seeing now, I think it speaks to the strength of Sila and the transport network of our country. It also shows how the community has welcomed the improved public transport services that Sila brings,” she noted.

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