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Steam down reports spiked today, with users of Valve’s digital distribution service receiving Steam Store purchase payment errors. The independent Down Detector outage monitor saw an increase in Steam down reports today. According to Down Detector’s outage map, Steam’s issues are affecting users around the world with players in the UK, US and Europe among those affected.

When the Steam down issues hit, users took to the social networking site Twitter to report issues with the service.

One of them tweeted: “#Steam is down”.

Another posted: “@Steam Are you okay man? Looks like your store is down. Don’t you want my money?

One of them added: “@Steam, why is the payment system down? “

And another wrote: “Steam being down by the time I find out djmax is on steam, it’s in total pain.”

Elsewhere, indie game publisher Crytivo on Twitter has confirmed the Steam Store issues.

They tweeted: “Hello everyone! We would like to apologize for the delay in opening Serin Fate for release.

“Steam purchases are down on the whole site. We’ll let you all know when Steam is back in stock and the game will go up immediately.

The Steam Store issues were then confirmed by the official Steam Twitter account.

They posted: “We are currently experiencing unexpected downtime for purchases on Steam. We’re working on a fix and will let you know when you can start buying games again! Sorry for the inconvenience.”


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