Tectum’s ‘SoftNote ®’ is poised to start a revolution in the crypto and digital payments industry

Tectum, the world’s leading and fastest blockchain, recently launched its flagship product, the “SoftNote ®”, to make existing digital payment methods “transactionless”, an engine that looks quite promising for the enjoyment and the satisfaction of most fintech and crypto users. SoftNote, a cutting-edge technology launched by Tectum, is sure to create a revolution in crypto transactions if all goes according to plan. The fundamental motive for releasing the SoftNote is to have cryptocurrencies adopt the properties of paper money so that payments become transactionless without intervening with the digital store of value firmly embedded in the native blockchain.

SoftNote seems advantageous in many ways: it avoids the fees for making crypto transactions and hence is free for a P2P user, it also eliminates time lags via superconductive digital eco-technology. These two aspects contribute to the virtuoso performance of Tectum’s fintech product.

SoftNote® Features

While many products similar to SoftNote are more blockchain-based, SoftNote’s fintech product has a different case – it’s a pure FinTech product that relies on blockchain to record a payment event. Additionally, another key aspect of the product is that it is neither a token nor a monetary currency, but it basically directs the flow of monetary value. That said, SoftNote is more like physical money because, like regular monetary currencies, it can be printed as a piece of paper. Moreover, like any other regular currency, SoftNote can be well regulated around the world without any restrictions.

Speaking of the SoftNote interaction, it’s quite similar to having a letter of credit or L/C and a suitcase of physical cash. Rather than carrying a suitcase full of physical cash in the form of coins or paper money, it is better to have a letter of credit to pay the bills. In any case, however, the L/C and SoftNote both vary in a very crucial way – by using SoftNote, users are freed from having to validate individually issued cash. Since SoftNote embeds the monetary value in advance, users can use it directly to pay bills.

SoftNote functionality

Although the release of SoftNote aims to help users make transactions with physical bills as simple and feasible as possible, a key point to pay attention to is that SoftNote bills are generally supported with BTC and USDT which work as a reserve to store monetary values. including denominations and serial numbers on banknotes, eg €1, €3, €5, etc.

Additionally, SoftNote sports rock-solid anonymity, which is relatively much better than BTC’s anonymity. To be precise, BTC’s anonymity has a flaw – it is very likely to be tracked via a generic address. In the case of SoftNote, there is an additional layer of anonymity, which means that it is too difficult to trace the original sources.

Advantages of SoftNote

Created by Tectum, SoftNote is a breakthrough blockchain technology, which is released to facilitate blockchain users regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. One of the benefits of this technology is that when it comes to digital transfers, the sender is not required to use Tectums blockchain services, only the receiver is. This allows the recipient to confirm that SoftNote is truly one of a kind, as it is an excellent reserve for storing monetary values ​​and validly transferring them.

Another SoftNote specialty is fast transaction processing, a factor that has been quite challenging for crypto assets. Transactions are completed instantly and recipients can also instantly check the amount received.

Another advantage of SoftNote is that there is no network failure problem. Indeed, the technology does not depend on any fashionable banking system or any conventional banking system. Suffice it to say, everything is very neat and hassle-free with this latest product from Tectum. Depending on user preferences, payments can easily be made in device-to-device mode or on any other device that basically supports image file transition.

Moreover, SoftNote even helps its users, especially fintech investors, to earn good income on its Tectum platform. Want to know how? If so, visit Tectum official website for complete information about it.

About Tectum

Tectum is a leading financial technology and software development company, specializing in the production and development of various types of world-class software platforms based on customers’ personalized needs and preferences. The company has carved out a niche for itself by creating a number of software platforms for various industries and niches, for example, crypto assets, blockchain, user authentication, etc. Tectum services clients and industries of all types and backgrounds by providing ultimate solutions at all times.


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