The guards revolt against the non-payment of wages, close the three doors


Grand Noida: Anguished by the non-payment of wages, security guards at Shri Radha Sky Garden, a residential company in Greater Noida West, revolted and closed the three doors of the company on Friday morning. As a result, the residents found it very difficult to exit the company.

As gathered by residents, security guards and maintenance staff have been demonstrating peacefully for the past week against the Shree Group builder due to non-payment of wages for the past 2-3 months. Such protests had become common every month because the builder withheld payment from employees every month.

Gaurav Patel, a resident of the company said: “Suddenly, around 11 am this morning, security personnel refused to work and closed all three doors of the company, preventing residents and visitors from coming and going, causing big problems to the inhabitants of the society. This is why more than 800 families in society feel cheated and held hostage.

The consequences of this incident triggered several grievances against the manufacturer. Piyush Sharma, a resident of the company said: “Every month due to non-payment of rupee lakh electricity bills, NPCL staff take action. The fuses are removed, whereby electricity is supplied to residents through the back-up generator throughout the day, which is much more expensive than the normal power supply.

Mrigank Kumar, a resident of the company said: “To date, the club, swimming pool and gym have not been handed over to the company, while the residents have lived in the company for four years and that we, the residents, have paid thousands of rupees. for these installations years ago.

Samir Kapoor, a resident of the company said: “There are a lot more problems in the company on the builder’s side. In the past three months, the elevators of around eight residential towers have been damaged, which have not been repaired in the past three months due to non-payment of lakhs of rupees for the AMC elevator. All residents are therefore forced to use one. Residents are still worried that if this elevator is also damaged, what will happen. “

Residents of the company, including Rakesh Kumar, Raj Gaurav, Rajneesh and Anurag Sharan, told CitySpidey that they have filed complaints about their issues everywhere, including the Greater Noida Authority, the District Magistrate, the Commissioner police, firefighters, but to this day all the problems of all areas remain unresolved. “No official is ready to listen and no one cares about more than 800 families. Now it looks like everyone is just waiting for a big event, ”they replied.

After the residents filed the complaint with the police, the builder assured the guards that their contributions would be paid in the afternoon. Whereupon, the security guard told the residents that if that doesn’t happen today, they will file a police complaint along with the other residents of the company.


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