The platform of the first payment method to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the real economy is Umbria

The first Italian cryptocurrency “Exchange” has arrived. It is called Crypto Smart and is the first entirely Italian platform (founders, seat and legislature) that allows professionals and private investors to buy, sell and deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, tokens and digital assets. All this easily, independently and at a lower cost. First of all, Crypto Smart, unlike other platforms already present on the market, is a company under Italian law, governed by Italian laws and based in Italy, more precisely in Perugia, Umbria.

The company has studied its services to meet the needs of Italian users and for this reason it is not necessary to open an account abroad to invest in cryptocurrencies: with Crypto Smart you stay in Italy, with the guarantee and rights of Italian laws. The founders are also all Italian. They are the entrepreneurs Alessandro Frizzoni, Alessandro Ronchi, Claudio Baldassarri, Massimo Zamporlini and Alice Ubaldi, with successful past experiences in the world of innovation. For example, Frizzoni and Ronchi were among the founders of Ariadsl, the first WiMax telephone company in Italy, and among the leaders of Go Internet, which led to the company becoming part of the Aim Italia list.

“As entrepreneurs living in Italy, we realized that there is a lack of access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the country, especially for ordinary people – they explain – Finance, for to be truly democratic, must be easy to understand and inexpensive. These are the pillars of Crypto Smart”. And so, at the beginning of 2021, still in the midst of a pandemic, the five entrepreneurs decided to launch the first Italian crypto-asset platform.

But concretely what does Crypto Smart allow? Several services are available on the platform, including exchanges, payments, and digital wallets. All with total independence and autonomy, since there are no intermediaries and no one pushes to sell products or advertise. The terms are also favorable, as account opening and portfolio management are free and commissions on transactions (i.e. for buying, selling or conversions) range from a maximum of 0.20% to a minimum of 0% (for a transaction value of more than 2 million euros).

In detail, Crypto Smart allows its customers to buy, sell, deposit cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. With a simple bank transfer, you can buy cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot and Litecoin, etc. The client can also move cryptocurrencies already in his possession to another platform or an account in Crypto Smart.

The platform also provides a cryptocurrency payment service and a digital wallet. That is to say, it allows the monetary use of cryptocurrency, as a replacement for money or any other currency, for the operations of receiving or sending payments. It is a service designed not only for consumers but also for companies that intend to increase their turnover by giving their customers the possibility of paying through the use of cryptocurrency, already widespread in other countries. The digital currency payment service easily integrates with the main e-commerce software (woocommerce, shopify, drupal, magento, prestashop, shopware, wordpress) and very quickly allows companies to receive payment from their customers.

Not only. In the Crypto Smart platform, digital currencies can be bought / sold, so deposits can be converted into euros or cryptocurrencies and in the same way they can be withdrawn at any time via a bank transfer or by receiving crypto- currencies: the customer can therefore choose how to be liquidated in complete freedom.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the staking service will be available soon, which allows Crypto Smart users to stake their cryptocurrencies to participate in the proof-of-stake mechanism used by the blockchain network to validate transactions and register a “new block”. . This will allow users to receive the rewards for this activity.

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