Transport agencies turn to fare payment technologies

More than nine in ten transport agencies (92%) plan to adopt fare payment innovations to get passengers back on board, a new study finds.

But according to Masabi’s biannual research report, The state of the tariff collection, two-fifths of agencies (43%) say they have found it “difficult” or “very difficult” to deploy new ticketing features and functions.

Focus on North America

The report, based on a survey of 59 transit agencies around the world, but primarily based in North America, aims to provide insight into industry thinking on trends in fare collection, ticketing technologies and innovation. The company released the survey in late summer 2021 among professionals working for agencies and transit operators, with a particular focus on fare collection teams.

More than half of the branches aim to launch mobile ticketing and just under half intend to introduce contactless EMV payments (cEMV) by bank cards and contactless mobile phones. This shows that contactless technologies offering contactless driving experiences have become essential for agencies seeking to increase safety, convenience and confidence in transit services for passengers and operators, the report notes.

“This pace of change in industry thinking since our last survey in 2019 has been impressive, with the vast majority of agencies recognizing the need for innovation in fare payment.”

However, most respondents still operate custom systems that are slow to deploy, expensive, and difficult to update.

These agencies are unable to deliver new innovations without custom development and costly change orders, and are less able to meet customer expectations and operational demands over time, says Masabi. Meanwhile, 42% of agencies and authorities say they will adopt a payment as a service (FPaaS) approach for their next automated fare collection (AFC) system, with just 17% planning to stick to it. to tailor-made systems.

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