XanPay Announces Partnership with Elitedias Game Platform on New Payment Options in Southeast Asia

– Elitedias has taken it to the next level, offering new payment options tailored to local preferences

– The game recharge company has expanded to 3 countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia

– Local users have been multiplied by 5 in 3 months of integration

HONG KONG, January 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Elitedias, the Singapore-based gaming credit top-up platform is launching new payment options with XanPay across Southeast Asia to differentiate themselves in the competitive gaming landscape.

The game became very popular during the pandemic. Up to 40% of the world’s major gaming markets are located in Asia and Elitedias was born to meet this exact demand. The game credit top-up brand started selling the credits on Carousell to their friends, for less than what Apple’s AppStore or Google’s PlayStore offered. Within months, they quickly realized it would benefit a much larger player market than they had anticipated.

The Elitedias team has a strong focus on its core market, Singapore. Along with the usual credit card options, they seek to include local payment method options to meet modern preferences. Although XanPay is one of the newer payment options, the team has observed a growing number of users who have chosen it as their payment method.

They have also developed a strategy to retain users. When users encounter issues with PayNow QR payment on another payment gateway, they are redirected to the XanPay option to ensure that the purchase can still be completed seamlessly. This greatly prevented the loss of their existing users and new users in unexpected situations.

Open new doors in the Asian market

The Southeast Asia (SEA) region is the fastest growing mobile game market in the world, to boast an annual growth of + 17.4% with a turnover of 2.6 billion dollars. XanPay specializes in offering alternative payment methods widely adopted in this market.

Before XanPay, Elitedias mainly focused on the Singapore market. Using a simple no-code WooCommerce plugin integrating XanPay, the team quickly discovered new markets in SEA. Cross-border payments poured in from Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia in the month of integration. After a few months, the number of transactions in these new markets increased more than 5 times and the volume increased 10 times from month to month.

The Quick Support has demonstrated how widely users are adopted and familiar with these alternative payment methods offered by XanPay in various countries. Users intuitively knew how to checkout and make easy payments.

“It’s very exciting to acquire users from new countries using XanPay. This has given us a head start to expand into strong gaming markets such as Indonesia. The SEA region is booming and we look forward to taking our business to the next level. “- Jordan Chen, co-founder of Elitedias


  • Elitedias casual players in Singapore who use XanPay have multiplied by 5 in 3 months

  • Successful users who experience PayNow issues on other payment gateways

  • Immediate adoption of payment in 3 new markets with a single integration: Malaysia (MYR), Australia (AUD), Indonesia (IDR)

  • New market trading volume is growing rapidly month over month

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