Years after start-up, final contractor payment for Citynet Center is almost within reach for the City of Bridgeport

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – Years after a 1% sales tax was implemented to provide the funding needed to make it happen and just over six months after it opened, the newly renamed Citynet Center, which was The Bridge, at the Bridge Sports Complex, is set to see a final payment made to the contractor.

A pair of payments to general contractor AM Higley are on the agenda for tonight’s council. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. There is no working session.

With respect to agenda items, the Board will formally act on a request for payment by the contractor made after the governing body approved a change order at the January 31 meeting. The change order was for $755,840.17, which was about a year and a half of work under Higley’s direction. This is the consolidation of a variety of change orders, including electrical work, fire protection, etc.

Another payment is also made to Higley which must be approved by the Council. This is a request for payment of $5,000. The money is the amount due to the contractor that was withheld from the new parking lot to the right of the building. Mayor Andy Lang said having it on the agenda means the city’s engineering department has approved that everything is fine.

According to City Engineer Beth Fox, all money owed to AM Higley is expected to be paid in full within the next few months. She estimated that the remaining amount could be as low as $500,000 up to $1 million.

The construction project was bid for approximately $37 million. Fox said it would end up costing around $38 million, with most of the additional costs coming from unforeseen issues such as the earth material under the pool that needed to be stabilized.

“This total is for the building only. There were other costs in developing the site, buying the property and consulting (architectural and engineering), Fox said.

The total of everything has the project in the $50 million range.

At the start of the meeting, inductees of Bridgeport High School’s Honor Society will be honored by proclamation by Lang. Although this happened at the last meeting, there was an issue that needed to be resolved which led to a second proclamation.

The good news is that the problem was quickly resolved. The best news? The problem is positive by just about any measure.

“It was a problem, but it’s a really good problem to have,” City Manager Randy Wetmore said.

The issue concerns inductees of the Bridgeport High School National Honor Society. And the problem is simple because it relates to why the Council needs them – there are too many.

The Board elected to recognize the inductees and discovered that there were over 50 students involved. To have so many students, as well as family members showing up at the same time as several elementary school students were honored at the January 31 meeting, would have been impossible.

The solution? Bring half of the inductees for a moment of recognition and the other half for the recognition evening on Monday. Wetmore said it worked better, and having to deal with a problem of so many high-scoring students is something everyone would want to work around to find the right solution.

“I think it’s great for the Bridgeport community as a whole that we have so many outstanding students maintaining their GPAs while being active in all kinds of sports, clubs, and all kinds of extracurricular activities.” , Wetmore said. . “It is appropriate that they are in front of the Council to be recognized for their efforts.”

Student recognition will be among the first actions on Monday. This will come after reports from Wetmore and Mayor Andy Lang.

As for unfinished business, council will have the second and final reading of the ordinance prohibiting individuals from going to frozen bodies of water owned by the city. It was prohibited in the past, but there was no enforcement mechanism. This order provides for fines of no more than $100 for a first offense, no more than $200 for a second offense and no more than $500 for a third offense.

Lang said he had received no complaints about the order.

The only other item on the agenda is the appointment of Robin Urquhart to the Bridgeport Development Authority for a three-year term. The term will begin on February 14, 2022 and run until February 28, 2025.

The meeting is open to the public.

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